A Living Patient from the second film

The Living Patients are the humanoid creatures that inhabit and haunt the Collingwood hospital at night along with the ghosts.They are possibly the undead residents and patients of the building

Appearance and behaviorEdit

Unlike the other undead residents of the building, these creatures have flesh and they are visible to the human eye. Their appearance greatly resembles human and sometimes they look like ghouls or zombies.They have pale white skin,black-white eyes and grossly enlarged mouths where in there's pitch black without any teeth.They can be seeing mostly wearing the clothes of a patient, a nurse or a doctor.Their behavior mostly resembles that of a zombie.They attack humans in sight and then they hunt them down to either eat them or kill them or send them to Dr.Friedkin or they just scare them and leave them alone.Sometimes, their face has the appearance of a nurse or a doctor or a patient until they turn their face to its normal form to scare away people. It's unknown how or where they come from unlike the ghosts or how do they still exist in the hospital even if their real bodies are in a cemetary and how their real behavior is.Also they can roar.Their roar resembles the one of a lion or a human

Known weaknessesEdit

Nobody in the two films was able to fight off a Living Patient since they always were too scared by their appearance to fight them.At the first film where Lance used a pipe to open up the empty elevator's door and a Living Patient was coming towards him he took the pipe with him but he didn't used it against the creature.Also in the second film the Living Patient was chasing Alex and his friends towards the door when it got out of the building it exploded, this possibly indicates they are bound to the building and cannot leave.