What if this is something real?
Sasha Parker
Sasha PArker
Name: Sasha Parker
Gender: Female
Status: Unknown (Likely Deceased)
Portrayed By: Ashleigh Gryzko
First Appearance: Grave Encounters
Cause of Death: disappears in mist

Sasha Parker was a character in Grave Encounters. She is the 4th one to die in Grave Encounters.

She is an investigator and cameraman for the show Grave Encounters. At first she finds the haunted asylum very cliche as "Death Awaits" is seen written on the entrance door. She becomes a believer when while trying to communicate with the spirits, an unseen entity lifts a strip of her hair and breathes on her. She becomes extremely frightened and eventually decides she has had enough and wants to leave, but every exit is either non existent or leads to another corridor. As the hauntings get worse, she becomes violently ill and coughs up blood after her and Lance escape into the tunnels connecting the surrounding buildings together. As here and Lance fall asleep, a camera catches a mist filling the tunnels and surrounding Sasha and Lance. Once the mist disappears, so does Sasha. It is unclear to what happened to her.

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