Matt White
Matt White
Name: Matt White
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Juan Riedinger
First Appearance: Grave Encounters
Cause of Death: jumped off an elevator shaft

Matt White was a character in Grave Encounters. Known as an equipment tech, Matt is seen using the computer, setting up equipment, and informing the rest of the cast and viewers about the equipment they use.

Matt was the cameraman of the show. He was always good at organizing and placing cameras around haunted buildings and as well being the show's equipment expert for ghosts. While he was surrounding the cameras to leave with the others he heard a loud noise made by a ghost. At first he thought it was one of his team mates but when he got to the point where the ghost made the noise he just disappeared without making any noises. Then the group started searching for him until they found him in a room where he was sitting down. When they found him he started acting weirdly and when somebody was getting haunted or killed by a ghost he was laughing which means the ghosts got him and sent him to Dr. Friedkin to do labotomy on his brain like on Lance. Later when Sasha and Lance try to stop a ghoul-zombie like creature that tries get into the room with the elevator. At the place where there is no elevator Matt laughs a few times and sees his friends trying to protect him and Matt maybe gives up on his life and jumps and dies from a great height which means he did suicide because he couldn't stand it anymore or maybe because he was possessed by the spirits of the hospital.

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