Doctor Arthur Friedkin ( portrayed by Arthur Corber ) was the main doctor at the Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital from 1937 to 1948, where he was supposedly looking for a cure to mental illnesses. Instead he preformed lobotomy on the patients. Eventually six mental patients escaped their chambers and slaughtered Friedkin in his sleep on the date of August 15th, 1948.

After being the last survivor being locked in the asylum, Lance Preston roamed the underground tunnel and found a door seemingly out of nowhere. Upon entering he found a book and crucifix, pentagrams, skulls and photos of mutilated patients as well as his fellow crew members being experimented on; Dr Friedkin had performed brutal experiments on his patients, also performed satanic rituals and summoned demons. As Preston observed this, an apparation appears of Friedkin and his nurses performing lobotomy on a patient, the doctor attacks Lance, as his face horribly transforms into a demonic one with white eyes and a wide open pitch-black mouth. He drops his camera in the process. The ghosts drag Lance away as he starts screaming in terror and then perform a lobotomy on Lance, which is all heard on the camera before it cuts to black.

Lance reveals that Friedkin's satanic experiments on the patients and his practice of black magic resulted in the human world and the spirit world merging together, punching a hole in the hospital that allowed ghosts to inhabit and haunt it, turning the hospital into a gateway to the spirit world.

Later, Alex and Jennifer enter the surgical ward and come across his satanical altar. After hiding, they witness Friedkin perform a lobotomy on a patient and afterward, see him sacrifice an infant by spilling its blood.