Bathtub Demon

Appearance : Grace Encounters


The bathtub demon was an evil demonic spirit that inhabited a bathtub in Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, and could create portals to an unknown location in the tub. She filled the tub with blood, and also killed T.C. Gibson by pulling him in.

Physical appearance and behaviour

She appeared as a skinless humanoid completely red with indistinguishable features, hiding and lurking in the bloody bath.gFacts

She could be a ghost, as it was implied that a female patient comited suicide in the very bath, by slicing her wrists and filling the bath with blood.


Demon Girl


The demon girl was an evil demonic entity that inhabited Collingwood Mental Hospital. She lured her victims in a room.

Physical appearance and behaviour

She appeared as a maltreated female mental patient, bruised and unkept. But she could transform her face into a horrible demon with a gaping black mouth and pale eyes with no pupils surrounded by black rings. T

 ●  Tongueless Demon

Apperience: Grave encounters


The tongueless demon is a evil spirit that can be found in the Collingwood psychiatric hospital, He is a demon that can climb up to the sealing so they can attack their victims without them noticing. little is known about this spirit but it can be assumed that This demon was summoned along with many other spirits as a result of Dr. Friedkin practising satanic rituals and black magic for his medical experiments. The tongueless demon is one of the most dangerous spirits lurking within the phycriatric hospital.

Physical appearance and behavior

The tongueless demon resembles a human but with a bleeding mouth, black eyes, pale white skin, his toungue as his name suggests is missing from his mouth, and is seen wearing hospital robes. He is quite aggressive and will attack any living human on sigh either to kill them, or take them to Dr. Friedkin as seen in the movie when Lance Preston was looking for a wire to open an elevator he's quickly attacked by the spirit.


There is no known weaknesses for the tongueless demon, if there's one at all, all the people that have been attacked by the demon either get killed by it or just run away, no human has seen defending him/herself from the demon.


The tongueless demon is quite different from the living patients, as the living patients are undead zombie like beings that were once human patients in the hospital and the tongueless demon are demonic spirits. They're not the same as many people suggest.

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