●  The bathtub ghost
Real name:                 unknown

Apperience: Grave Encounters

Gender: female

Occupation: mental patient

Date of death: unknown

Cause of death: Suicide

Aliase: spirit/ghost

The bathtub ghost (real name, age unknown) is the spirit of a young mental patient that committed suicide in Collingwood psychiatric hospital.


While lance Preston and his crew were given a tour in the hospital by kenny they enter a room full of bathtubs and kenny explains one of the patients a young girl committed suicide by slashing her wrists in the bathtub. Later when the crew is being haunted by several aparations T.C. is pulled by the ghost in the bathtub full of blood while trying to save Matt and disappears. While it is unclear why the bathtub ghost committed suicide while she was alive it could be possible that she was suffering from extreme depression because of her being sent to the hospital, she could either had been suffering from schizophrenia, paranoia or bipolar disorder. The bathtub ghost as well as the other ghost and spirits of the building are hostile and aggressive.

Physical appearance

The bathtub ghost was a humanoid spirit covered in blood from head to toe, long greasy hair also covered in blood obviously and first appeared in her bathtub covered in blood when Lance and his crew were hiding from other apparitions.

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